Love Is…

Love Is… 15 Feb 2014 Valentine’s Service – Kong Hee There are 3 things that matter most to people, according to a survey done. Health and Money was important, but the most important one was relationships. Why?? -Relationships determine your happiness. It can make you… Continue Reading


Resilience 14 Sep 2013 SOT Graduation Service – Dr A.R Bernard   David used war as a reason to do things. You cannot build in a time of war, only peace. David’s intentions were good but he can’t build the temple. But… Continue Reading

The Parable Of The Dog

phil pringle

The Parable Of The Dog 25 May 2013 Service – Phil Pringle God is THE Lord means nothing until it becomes God is MY Lord. It’s just a piece of information until it translates into a personal experience. When you cross that… Continue Reading