Hello and welcome to my personal sermon notes blog! This is where I upload weekly City Harvest Church sermons as well as of various meetings. Unfortunately I usually only attend Saturday services, so they’re mostly Saturday ones! Feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute Sunday sermons or want to add on any points I missed.

It started out as a platform for my friends and cell group members to get the sermon notes if they had missed service or they were overseas. Then it extended to sharing some good sermons to bless others. These were all random sermon notes, and not weekly. People were getting blessed, and wanted more. So one day I decided to go into it full-drive and penned it down in my 2013 resolutions to upload it weekly. And here you are.

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  • This website is NOT affiliated with City Harvest Church
  • All sermon posts are simply transcripts of the meetings attended, and are in no way guaranteed to be 100% accurate, factual or verified, but will be done so at the best effort possible
  • All sermons belong to their respective authors/preachers and myweeklysermonnotes has no claim or ownership to the sermons
  • Most of the pictures are taken from CHC social networks, some from various friends and church members, with the intention of blessing others. Please contact us if you want to remove any pictures that belong to you, and we will take them down. Thanks!






  1. Amazing compilation. I am so blessrd. Using your harwork to bless my wife and kids during our daily devotion at home. Thank you so much. Bless you too

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