robi sonderegger


10 Aug 2013 Workshop – Dr Robi Sonderegger

What does it mean when the Bible says to train up the child in the way they should go, so that as they grow up they will stick to the way of the Lord?

Our goal is to empower our child for independence. If we encourage them to go out and try, with our safety net, to do what they think they cannot do, then they will develop courage.

Autistic children findings:
– Have a higher content of mercury
– Intestine wall will leak food out, causing an immune surge. The Immune System cant fight all of it, there will be fungal attacks, causing the body to produce opioid to fight the pain and inflammation. Hence, the child is always in a somewhat morphine-like condition and can’t concentrate.

About the brain:
– When the brain is actively working/growing, it is hungry/craving for glucose.
– High doses of fructose are not good. Because the brain will just rip the glucose, they leave the remnants behind, causing the brain to be a junkyard, leaving electrons leaking around.
– Neuroscience: The brain has only the capacity to use 2%.
– Our brain uses 20% of our total body energy produced.

4 ways to help student/kids to do their best:
#1: Exercise – let them run around

– When we exercise, breathing in deeply for 30 minutes, the blood vessels in the brain starts to dilate, to transport oxygen, and also take away the junk electron in the brain and leaves the body as CO2.
– We as children are born to move around, not sit. The more you move, the better you do in studying.
– Suggestion: Every 15 mins of study, 5 mins of exercise.

#2: Give your child the CORRECT FUEL to feed the brain
– Brain food: berries, nuts. Black cod fish (highest Omega content among fish).
– Repair the myelin sheath of the brain, Omega-3 (any dark fleshy fish).

#3: Theory of Mind
– Pre-frontal cortex (the theory of mind – Compassion), from this lobe, we can understand how other people feel, put yourselves in other people shoes. The child has to develop it around 5-6 years old.
– For children who have the theory of mind, they can interact easily; they have a higher % of capacity of success.
– Comparing your kids with other kids is toxic.
– Learning is teaching/training a child how to THINK. Equip them in the way they should go. Character development is more important.

#4: Rest
– Let your children rest well. Students who actually get a full 9 hours sleep do better in school and have better temperament. Sleep stores information in the hippocampus (for long-term memory), reduces stress level.